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About David

President, Czufin Consulting, LLC

David Czufin has more than 39 years of experience in engineering, maintenance, work management and
operations management at boiling water reactor facilities (BWR) and pressurized water reactor
(PWR) facilities. Czufin holds Senior Reactor Operator certifications for both BWR and PWR facilities.

Since forming Czufin Consulting, LLC in 2021, Czufin has provided mentoring, training, site
observations, document reviews and safety oversight services for five different US utilities. Prior to
2021, Czufin has held key leadership positions of Senior Vice President, Engineering and
Operations Support at TVA, Site Vice President, Engineering Vice President, Corporate Director for
fleet Work Management, and Site Engineering Director at Exelon (now Constellation). He started his
nuclear industry career working for Carolina Power & Light (now Duke Energy) at the Brunswick
Plant where he held several engineering roles. He later went to Crystal River as a system engineer,
and held leadership roles in engineering, maintenance and operations support before he went to
Exelon in 2000.

Some significant accomplishments include driving best ever fleet performance based on INPO index;
improving corporate work environment survey results from worst to best in the fleet; significantly
reducing fleet-wide, longstanding human performance errors; developing and promoting an average
of at least 10 leaders per year; two different nuclear plants where he held key leadership roles,
achieved their first ever breaker-to-breaker runs, and one plant set world records for the duration; he
held a key role in improving fleet equipment reliability and significantly reducing engineering errors
across the fleet of 17 nuclear units; he had a significant role in turning a poor performing dual unit
plant into a top performer and the station received an INPO industry strength in operational decision-
making; he has supported and been inside 38 different nuclear plants around the world; he lead the
industry and INPO in the development of Technical Conscience Principles, as well as the 2019
revision; he has served as an instructor presenting experience related to technical conscience at the
INPO Senior Nuclear Plant Management courses since 2012.

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Executive with over 39 years of broad experience in Engineering, Maintenance, Work Control and Operations management at four operating BWR and PWR nuclear power facilities, two corporate offices, and involvement in industry initiatives.  SRO Certifications from BWR and PWR facilities.  Supported and been inside 38 different nuclear power plants world-wide.

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Work History

January 2021 – present

President, Czufin Consulting, LLC

Performed mentoring (for new engineering directors, vice presidents and fleet engineering organizations), training (for technical decision making, problem-solving, critical thinking, technical leadership, etc.), reviews (equipment reliability behaviors (including IER 21-004), employee development plans, causal products, excellence plans, etc.), on-site observations (engineering, leadership teams, problem-solving, decision-making, etc.), and nuclear safety oversight board.

October 2013 – December 2020

Senior Vice President, Tennessee Valley Authority

Responsible for Engineering, Fuels, Projects, Licensing, Operations Support, Security, Emergency Preparedness and Small Modular Reactor organizations in the TVA nuclear fleet center. Responsibilities include strategic planning to set direction and gain alignment across the TVA nuclear sites; identifying, developing and placing key personnel into key fleet leadership roles; engaging the workforce to find and close our gaps to improve performance every day; identify, understand and taking timely action to manage and eliminate risk. Other responsibilities include regulatory, INPO and industry involvement; providing support and challenge to bring the first nuclear unit to commercial operation in over 20 years, uprating three units, and successfully obtaining a NRC Early Site Permit that was under budget and issued ahead of schedule.

May 2011 – September 2013

Site Vice President, Dresden Station

Responsible for the overall performance of a dual unit Boiling Water Reactor site, which include providing oversight, coaching, and direction for establishing, aligning and driving the station vision, site goals, and fleet/industry actions; with a focus on maintaining long-term safe and reliable plant operation, while supporting company objectives and being a strong community partner. Some of the activities to support this include strategic planning & budgeting, staff succession planning, employee development & recognition, corporate interface, industry involvement, community outreach, and national, state, and local government interface.

December 2007 – May 2011

Engineering Vice President, Exelon Corporate Office

Responsible for overall technical direction across the nuclear fleet to ensure safe and reliable operations; Responsibilities include oversight for quality of technical products and decisions; driving consistent, high standards; long-term equipment reliability; business cases for project priorities and funding; management development and succession planning; multi-site training; standard processes and industry best practices; interface with regulators and offsite agencies; provide a strong leadership role in industry working groups.

December 2005 – December 2007

Work Control Corporate Director, Exelon Corporate Office

Responsible for governance, oversight, and improvements in work management across nuclear fleet. Also developed and implemented fleet-wide process efficiency initiative which has identified over 70,000 person-hour savings per year with 35 hours saved for each hour of review.

March 2000 – December 2005

Assistant & Site Engineering Director, LaSalle Station

Responsible for all site engineering activities and station technical support. Focus was on safe and reliable operations, strong problem identification and resolution, teamwork, accountability, long-range planning, and development of people and processes to continuously improve station performance.  During this period the site went from a best dual unit run of 231 days, to a Unit 1 world record run of 739 days. The following year, Unit 2 completed the second longest BWR run at 711 days.

1998 – March 2000

Engineering Manager, Florida Power Corporation, Crystal River Unit 3

Responsible for management of reactor & fuels engineering, configuration management, PRA/risk monitor, safety analysis, severe accident guidelines, and dose analysis programs. Provided technical support for day-to-day plant operations and emergency operating procedures. Managed department priorities and resources and established long-term direction. Planned and scheduled program improvements, self-assessments, benchmarking, and training.

1997 – 1998

Operations Staff Manager, Florida Power Corporation, Crystal River Unit 3

Responsible for reactor engineering, operations procedures, modification coordination and acceptance, corrective action program investigations, training assistance, INPO SOER actions, and general technical support for operations control room staff.  This included management of several station restart issues.

1994 – 1997

Mechanical Maintenance Manager, Florida Power Corporation, Crystal River Unit 3

Responsible for staff of 5 supervisors and 37 bargaining unit technicians who performed all mechanical maintenance (including corrective and preventative maintenance programs), machining, HVAC, and modification activities.

1989 – 1994

Engineer & Engineering Supervisor, Florida Power Corporation, Crystal River Unit 3

System engineering supervisor responsible for technical support for operation and maintenance activities of secondary and primary-side plant systems; including budget, schedule, personnel development, regulation compliance, and plans (day-to-day and long-range) to resolve facility equipment concerns.

1983 – 1989

Engineer, Carolina Power & Light, Brunswick Station

Field & design engineer responsible for overall design, management, support, and field installation of plant modifications, AOV testing, IST program, condenser re-tubing, and major maintenance activities.

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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida, 1983

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Licenses & Certificates

  • NEI Senior Nuclear Executive Seminar

  • INPO SNPM Class Number 78

  • BWR & PWR - SRO Certifications – (LaSalle & Crystal River)

  • Professional Engineer (Florida & North Carolina – Inactive)

  • INPO Industry Advisor (Sequoyah, Farley, Southern Nuclear Corporate and Calvert Cliffs)

  • WANO Industry Assessment Member (Shimane 3&4, Matsue, Japan)

  • Past Chairperson EPRI PMMP Executive Oversight Board

  • Past Chairperson NEI SMR Working Group

  • Past Chairperson BWR Vessel Internals Program (BWRVIP) Executive Committee

  • Past Vice Chairperson Boiling Water Reactor Owners Group (BWROG) Executive Committee

  • Past Advisory Board Member University of Tennessee Nuclear Engineering

  • Past Advisory Board Member University of Florida Test Reactor

  • Past Advisory Board Member IIT Armor Engineering Oversight Board

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Senior Vice President, Engineering and Operations Support, Tennessee Valley Authority

  • Improved fleet center survey results from worst to best in the fleet

  • Selected and promoted over 65 leaders in TVA, with over 70% internal

  • Significant reduction in fleet-wide, longstanding human performance errors

  • First time since 2007 the TVA nuclear fleet INPO index was greater than 90%

  • Watts Bar U2 Commercial Operation, Browns Ferry EPU and SMR Early Site Permit

  • Implemented TVA Continuous Improvement Program with over $200M in savings

  • EPRI  PMMP Chairperson (2014 to 2019)

  • INPO Evaluation Industry Advisor @ Calvert Cliffs

  • External Industry Advisor for INPO Corporate Evaluation @ Southern Nuclear

  • Presenter at over 20 INPO SNPM courses (from 2013 to 2020)

Site Vice President, Dresden Station

  • First ever breaker-to-breaker runs for both units

  • Best employee survey results in 2013 for fleet

  • Weekend Community Open House  - 229 attendees

  • Weekend Family Day – 532 attendees

  • NRC Chairman and Commissioner visits

  • INPO Evaluation Industry Advisor @ Sequoyah

  • Presenter at 4 INPO SNPM courses (in 2012 & 2013)

Corporate Engineering Vice President, Exelon Corporate Office

  • Successfully developed and placed 10 new engineering directors into fleet

  • Supported successful college intern and new engineering graduate program

  • Lead industry/INPO group to develop & publish Technical Conscience Principles

  • Developed and implemented risk matrix for long term asset management plans

  • University of Florida Test Reactor & IIT Armour Engineering College Oversight Boards

  • BWRVIP Chairman & BWROG / BWRVIP Executive Committee Member

  • EPRI - PMMP EOC Member & MRP Industry Sponsor

Corporate Work Management Director, Exelon Corporate Office

  • Established actions and oversight for Summer operation (best ever in 2008)

  • Training for work management effectiveness (adopted fleet-wide)

  • Maintenance productivity matrix (adopted fleet-wide)

  • Efficiency improvement process (adopted fleet-wide)

  • Instructor for Work Management Risk Awareness at MIT

  • Catawba NSRB Member

Site Engineering Director, LaSalle Station

  • December 2005 rated as INPO 1 (first since 1991)

  • Set world record breaker-to-breaker operating runs of over 720 days  

  • Site lead for INPO identified strength in site Operational Decision-Making

  • Reduced engineering error rate by 40%

  • Engineering Fundamentals & Excellence Plans (adopted fleet-wide)

  • Equipment ACE process & ER Clock (adopted fleet-wide)

  • Initial Technical Pre-Job Brief framework (adopted fleet & industry wide)

Florida Power Corporation, Crystal River Unit 3

  • Successfully revised and implemented new site modification process

  • Assigned as lead to resolve final plant restart issue in Training

  • Site lead for root cause of operations human performance events

  • Improved procedure quality by enabling craft to insert drawings into procedures

  • Improved repetitive maintenance tasks through process review and equipment staging

  • Reduced mechanical maintenance craft sick time hours by >50%

  • Resolved 12 longstanding equipment issues without plant modification

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